Greetings from our scholars

As face-to-face training returned after the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for intensive training programmes such as ERA’s summer courses, it was important to ensure that all practitioners – regardless of their economic background – continued to have the opportunity to participate in high-quality training in European law.

The ongoing war in Ukraine and the growing strategic importance of the Western Balkan States acceding to the European Union were additional factors making it all the more important that ERA has the tool of the scholarship programme to overcome financial barriers to participation in its programmes.
ERA received a total of 125 scholarship applications in 2023. Following a careful selection process, the Academy awarded a total of 26 scholarships to legal practitioners from Serbia (8), Ukraine (4), Bosnia & Herzegovina (2), Montenegro (2), Northern Macedonia (2), Albania (1), Kosovo (1), Moldova (1), Turkey (1) and other countries (4).
The grants awarded amounted to a total of €32,279, with the average value of each scholarship being roughly €1,240.


ERA would like to express its sincere thanks to the donors who made the scholarship programme possible in 2023:

Members of the Friends of ERA Association

Individual donors

Nina Niejahr
Iris Kieft
Vanessa Knapp OBE
Eftychios Nikopoulos
Neža Kogovšek Šalamon
Patrick Bourgeois
Jan Passer
Emmanuelle Legrand
Damir Kahvedžić
Maciej Koziarski
Chandra Gracias
Luuk Esser
Ursula Schmudermayer
Joske Berens
Horatius Dumbrava
Pierre-Dominique Schupp
Jens-Olrik Murach
Judith Bayer
Elisabeth Noble
Tihamér Tóth
Christian Schröder
José Manuel Ribeiro de Almeida
Annette Kur
Kristof Van Quathem
Dieter Pscheidl
Peter Vajda

Sreten Milovanović

Lawyer, Belgrade, Serbia
Summer Course on European Intellectual Property Law

Scholar Report


What is your current occupation and country of work?

I am a lawyer from Serbia training to be a judge or prosecutor.


How do you use European law in your work?

The Serbian legal system is increasingly aligning with the EU system. Although we are not yet a member of the EU, in our daily work we can apply the acquired EU law that is not in conflict with domestic law, which I do, and all with the aim of improving regular business obligations and efficiency.


How have you benefited from the scholarship?

The scholarship allowed me to expand my knowledge that I could not have afforded on my own. It allowed me to meet wonderful smart new colleagues whose professional perspectives in this field of intellectual property made me aware of new methods to overcome legal dilemmas and obstacles.